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Why is it important to market through the firm’s database?


Database marketing is the most cost effective, easiest way to generate new work. All law firms are sitting on a gold mine of information about their clients but don’t use this information to acquire leads, new work or referrals.

How do you put a database together?

You need to extract the client details and email addresses out of your accounting software system and your usual email system such as Microsoft Outlook. If you need any help with that we can send you some links that will step you through it. The aim is to get all your data on one list- such as excel. Once it’s altogether, it is in a usable state.

Our database is in a mess - should we defer our marketing until we tidy it up?

This is unwise as in our experience any firm that does this effectively stalls their marketing which can cost the firm lots of money, the chance to do new work and the loss of clients who seek work elsewhere. Start now with a small segment of your potential database and grow it from there.

What sort of data is needed?

You don’t need to record huge amounts of data, employ lots of IT people to maintain it or purchase high end software. Essentially you need an email address but it’s better if you also have a name, and phone number.

Do our clients really want to be contacted?

The key to effective database marketing is to communicate with them regularly and to interact with your clients in a personal manner, create top of mind awareness so that when they are ready to make a buying decision it is YOUR firm they think of first as opposed to a competitor’s advertising or simply forgetting what you do and where you are located.

Is the firm more valuable if my database is maintained and used for marketing purposes?

Yes. Imagine how more saleable or valuable your firm or your share will be if you can say to a prospective purchaser that you have a well-maintained database. Conversely not having one will make the firm much less valuable.

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