Extracting Outlook Express Contacts

Follow these steps to export email contacts from Outlook Express and save as an .xls file


Keep in mind that contacts must be stored in the Top Level Address Book folder. Outlook Express will not export contacts in sub groups


From the Outlook Express menu bar

Select Tools > Address Book


From the Address Book menu

Select File > Export > Other Address Book


Select Text File (Comma Separated Values)

Click Export


Click Browse to locate the directory where you want to place the exported file

For file name, type in a file name of your choice and add CSV at the end

(ex: mycontactlist.csv)

For Save as type, select Comma Separated Values (*.CSV ).

Click Next

In the Select the fields you wish to export section, you can select whichever fields you want to export

You will have the option to rename these column headings later

Click Finish

In your spreasdsheet move the columns around so that the spreadsheet looks like one of these images


Save the file and send as an email attachment

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