Blogging for law firms – why and how often it should be done

If your law firm has a website and you haven’t yet started a blog to help market your law firm, allow us to provide some reasons why you should blog and how often you should do it.

Marketing your law firm online with a blog creates a beneficial asset that will continue to increase your bottom line. A law firm blog is essential to help your website feature in online search rankings, a key goal when creating a website for lawyers to attract potential clients. Law firm blogs assist your website to become a lead magnet.

Law firm blogs can reap endless benefits for your time and money. When developing marketing tactics for a law firm, you can further capitalise on potential leads by having a blog. A law firm blog allows potential leads to access your information and see your expertise regardless of your office hours.

Blog = Clients leads

Nowadays potential clients find their lawyer’s website and information by searching online, making a lawyers website appear prominantly in search results is crucial. It’s the content on a website that turns it into an asset, so with 96% of clients searching for a lawyer via Google or Bing, how can you ensure those leads find your law firm’s website among all the others? By being a law firm that blogs regularly and posts useful and informative content.

It is imperative to have a consistent blog to benefit from the full potential of your law firm marketing. By consistently demonstrating your key services, specialist skills and successes and providing useful information, you will increase your chances of attracting leads and retaining clients.

Ensure your law firm website is the top result by including search words, words or phrases that people are searching for called ‘keywords’, in your blogs. For search engines to start showcasing your law firm’s website you need to write law firm blogs filled with keywords (primary and secondary keywords) relating to your services. The more your law firm blog features keywords when those leads start looking, the better your chances of appearing on the first page of search results.

You can find out how to get the best results marketing a law firm when you write your law firm blogs here.

Consistency creates a valuable law firm blog

The most important part of blogging, aside from writing relevant, infromative and interesting content that services your future and existing clientele, is to post a blog consistently. By blogging consistently you could see up to 67% returns for your efforts.

When marketing your law firm, the amount of blogging you do will depend on your resources and is an understandable afterthought for many lawyers. However, we can assure you that blogs for law firms do not require several posts a day or even several times a week. What matters most, over time, is the quality of what appears on your law firm blog and that it appears consistently.

Also, consider that you don’t have to use your blog posts in isolation. You can make your blog post work harder by repurposing content for e-newsletters and social media posts. Repurposing your law firm blogs expands the marketing of your law firm.

Start your law firm blog today

We hope you agree there is value in writing a blog when marketing law firms. Blogs for law firms are one of the best ways to market to your existing and potential clients, providing leads 24/7, ready for the right kind of client to search for your legal expertise.

Interested in what blogging can do for marketing a law firm but still can’t find the time to write your law firm blogs? Contact our team, who specialise in blogs, newsletters and websites for lawyers. 

Contact Rachel on 1300 881 811 or book an appointment.

About the author
Kate Sergent

Kate Sergent

With over ten years’ experience across a mix of a digital and legal expertise both in Australia and in the UK, Kate brings a perfectly blended skill set to Lift Legal Marketing.

Kate uses her background in software, marketing and legal industries to deliver outstanding results across newsletter campaigns, website builds, communication collateral and social media for all of Lift Legal Marketing’s clients.

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