Data doesn’t lie. E-newsletters do drive new clients.

“We’ve been using the Lift Legal Marketing newsletter service and it increased our file openings by 218% over 18 months, without doing any other marketing”

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Data doesn’t lie. Sending regular e-newsletters is one of the most effective law firm marketing strategies you can use to drive new business and better clients to your law practice. We’ve written articles before about the many benefits of sending e-newsletters and their proven value in growing a business.

For a long time, e-newsletters have formed a key component of smart marketing for law firms, but in a post pandemic digital world, their versatility, and ability to generate leads is now more relevant than ever.

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What is an e-newsletter and how does it drive new business?

An e-newsletter is a regular electronic communication containing useful, valuable content that is sent to your contacts. The information is presented in a professionally designed template with your law firm logo and contact details, and emailed personally to your clients, potential clients, and referrers.

So, why does the distribution of a digital e-newsletter form such an important part of marketing for a law firm?

Sending regular e-newsletters exposes your brand, law firm logo, website, and services to a wide audience, maintaining your presence and reputation as a trusted advisor so your law firm stays top of mind whenever somebody needs your services.

Sending regular e-newsletters not only grows brand awareness but can inspire change – encouraging people to start thinking about their Will, finalising their estate plan, reviewing and updating those old business contracts, or finally seeking the legal advice they’ve been putting off.

On a personal level, sharing content about legal issues that people may be dwelling on can build confidence and rapport, letting your readers know that your firm is there to help, and encouraging them to seek the legal advice they need.

At a commercial level, your content is a trusted and valuable resource for business owners, directors and managers who must constantly stay abreast of changing laws and developments within their industry.

Repeat business, new business and referral business are typically the result of trust, which is what e-newsletters are all about.

Distributing quality content through a regular e-newsletter can have a cumulative effect on your law firm marketing efforts, with potential to exponentially grow your audience and your business.

Once created and distributed, content in your newsletter can be forwarded, shared, and posted on social media, effortlessly increasing your exposure, as your reputation as a forward-thinking legal advisor gains momentum.

As your mailing list grows, so too does your coverage. Unlike sending paper newsletters through the old ‘snail mail’ postal service, the cost difference between sending 100 and 3,000 e-newsletters is essentially nil.

E-newsletters play a critical role in assisting SEO for lawyers and law firms

Sending regular e-newsletters also helps drive targeted visitors to your website, resulting in tremendous search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits for law firms.

Ideally, your newsletter will contain links to the articles (content) published on your website, enticing visitors to spend time there reading articles and exploring other pages. Quality content equals more visitors spending more time on your website, which will be looked upon favourably by Google, improving your rankings and enhancing your SEO. Read how blogs can produce 67% more leads per month for law firms.

The life cycle of your e-newsletter

If your e-newsletter isn’t read immediately after it is sent and you think this is a wasted effort, then think again. The life cycle of your e-newsletter can span well beyond the few minutes after it hits the inbox of your recipients.

As we travel through life, the need for legal services along the way evolves – what wasn’t required yesterday, may be needed tomorrow, next month or next year. Regular engagement with existing and potential clients reinforces your existence and ability to help them, so that when the need for your services arises, you are top of mind and they turn to you for help.

Think of the following:

  • Your e-newsletter, with your law firm logo, is sent to Bob on Tuesday.
  • Bob is busy, flags the newsletter in his inbox to read later, but catches a glimpse of an article about the importance of preparing a Will. He remembers the conversation he had with his daughter Sally over the weekend about her not having a Will, so forwards the newsletter onto her.
  • Sally sees Dad’s email and clicks on the link in the newsletter to read the article about Wills which is published on your website. She forwards the newsletter to fiancé Fred and says they need to make an appointment.
  • On Friday afternoon, Bob starts clearing out his inbox. He sees your newsletter and notices the second and third articles. The second article is about family law parenting matters which doesn’t concern him, but the third article is about recent updates to employment law which he knows will impact his business. He grabs a coffee, reads the article, then emails your office to make an enquiry.

Of course, this isn’t the way it always goes. Like an investment strategy, the benefits of sending an e-newsletter are not always immediate, so we need to think beyond this.

Where to now?

It’s not just the immediate benefits that a regular e-newsletter brings, but their capacity to disseminate information quickly and effectively, raising awareness of your brand and gaining greater exposure within a competitive digital market.

If you’re not already sending e-newsletters and want to get started, download our FREE GUIDE where you’ll discover:

  • The moving parts behind a successful law firm e-newsletter
  • How to start and manage your contact list
  • How to choose a specialised email service provider
  • Top tips for creating a professional newsletter template
  • How to manage content and publication schedules
  • How to measure the performance of your e-newsletter campaigns

If e-newsletters already form a part of your law firm marketing strategy, then we believe you are on the path to greater exposure and success. If you need assistance with content or with maintaining a regular e-newsletter program, then we can help.

Law firm marketing is all we do, providing busy lawyers with quality content and formulating effective marketing strategies. We build, host, and manage websites for lawyers for optimum performance and conversion with the visitor and user in mind. If you want more leads or would like to discuss how we can help to improve your law SEO, please contact Peter on 0407 018 109 or email [email protected].


About the author
Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood is a management and marketing consultant, he specialises in helping law firms develop their practices using business planning marketing and performance reporting techniques refined in his own successful law firm. Peter lives in Sydney with his wife and is the father of five adult children.
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