Case Study

Dovaston Law are an accredited family law specialist based in the UK with over two decades of experience. Owner and principal solicitor, Karen Dovaston, is a highly respected and reputable specialist who understands the value of good marketing for a law firm. While the firm had an ‘ok’ website, Karen wanted more from it to improve the overall functionality and enhance user experience.

Marketing Roadblocks

  • Unhappy with website functionality.
  • Website was not user friendly.
  • Call to actions were lost in the design, it wasn’t easy for clients to find.
  • Too much jargon on the content.
  • Key points of difference were lost.


The overall strategy for Dovaston Law was clear: update the website to provide a more user friendly, optimised site. While the website presented modern, it did not deliver the needs of the firm. The Lift Legal Marketing team met with Karen to discuss her concerns and overall goals of the site. The process from start to finish was made easy for Karen. Our team identified obvious changes that needed to be made, as well as the changes Karen wanted to see. As a law firm that understood the value of branding, Karen also provided our team with brand guidelines to ensure we adhered to the brand colours.

Once the first meeting had finished, the next step was for our team to takeaway the feedback and deliver a test link to Karen, with the proposed changes and updates to her existing website. While there were minor changes to the first test link delivered, the second test link that was presented to Karen was on-point. All images, content and navigation were exactly how Karen envisaged it.
As a collaborative process, the website upgrade was seamless and made easy for a busy practitioner such as Karen. Our team were able to guide Karen on the best practices for websites to ensure we helped achieve her overall goals.


The updated Dovaston Law website now provides clients a more accessible and user-friendly site. Clients can now easily and quickly book an appointment with Karen and effortlessly navigate through the site. No jargon, plain English and good customer service is what Karen wanted to put front and centre of her website – and that is exactly what our team were able to deliver. Our team were also able to provide Karen with an easy-to-follow process, with prompt replies to her questions. The new website also meets brand guidelines, further elevating the brand through all the changes made to the site.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to ask again for rebrand or refresh.Process was really easy and it was very comfortable working with everybody even though they were half way around the world.I’m really pleased with my new website.”

Karen Dovaston, Owner and Principal Solicitor

As we do with all our clients, we start with identifying the needs and roadblocks and work through a marketing plan that meet their budgets and goals. Lift Legal Marketing has significantly enhanced Dovaston Law’s website, delivering a greater user experience for their clients and increasing client bookings.

New Website

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