Global Edge Security

Deliver consistently delightful customer experiences with enterprise-grade security.

Global Edge Security is Lift Legal Marketing’s high-performance advanced security solution only available on our premium hosting and management bundle.

It comes with DDoS protection and a WAF with built-in expert rule sets from Cloudflare to automatically protect you against new emerging threats.

Lift Legal Marketing’s Global Edge Security

Managed Web Application Firewall to ensure availability.

  • Blocks the most common vectors for website attacks including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and OWASP top 10
  • Built-in rulesets mitigate WordPress-specific vulnerabilities
  • Auto-updated to protect against latest known nefarious attacks

Advanced DDoS Mitigation to protect business operations.

  • Protect infrastructure by detecting and dropping volumetric attacks at the edge
  • Prevents attacks on the Network, Transport, and Application layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model
  • Cloudflare’s Global Anycast network has capacity 10x+ larger than the largest recorded DDoS attack

Cloudflare CDN to accelerate internet applications.

  • Cache your content across Cloudflare’s global network for an improved customer experience
  • Latency of <1ms with WAF rule sets
  • Blocks common spammers to reserve server and bandwidth capacity for legitimate visitors

SSL/TLS Encryption to mitigate session hijacking.

  • Performs SSL handshakes closer to end users, resulting in better response time
  • Traffic goes through the global edge network to prevent unwanted breaches
  • Ensures your website is encrypted from end-to-end

Benefits of Global Edge Security for Law Firms

  • Protects your brand from cyber attacks
  • Better site performance
  • Deflect attacks with managed WAF
  • Protect business ops with DDoS mitigation
  • Speed up application performance
  • Automatically respond to emerging threats, minimising the risks from hackers

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