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Hosting regular webinars and sharing information and education via podcasts is an excellent way to establish your practice as a subject matter expert in your areas of law. Webinars can be hosted in various platforms, depending on your target audience and budget. Podcasts is essentially a verbal blog – content that can be shared through audio and posted onto your website, social media platforms or e-newsletters.

Both mediums are a great way of driving traffic to your law firm website – which is essentially the main goal. Webinars and podcasts help share content of value to your clients so they may visit your website for more information, or even pick up the phone to speak to someone. Our proprietary podcast technology helps law firms curate their own podcasts that can easily be translated from text to audio with very little effort. It also has an opening and closing message which is fully branded with your firms details.

To speak to us about hosting regular webinars or curating your own law firm podcasts, contact us today for more information.

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Our smart approach to marketing, together with our understanding of the legal marketplace, enables us to produce highly effective strategies and campaigns that will create confidence in your brand.

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