The Benefits of a Blog for Your Law Firm Website

One of the benefits of a blog for your law firm website is that it creates a marketing opportunity to use the content on your blog to gain more online visibility for your law firm. Just as social media is a prevalent online marketing channel, so is blogging and it’s a popular tactic to support business growth.

One of the main keys to success with a business blog is to ensure you regularly update the blog on your law firm website with fresh and informative content. This up-to-date information positively influences user engagement and hence has a positive effect on your business growth.

Building Relationships

Blogging about informative, relevant and topical issues provides the opportunity for your law firm to engage with your users and develop relationships. For example, you may decide to blog about a topical legal issue and allow your visitors to leave comments. This creates engagement and by reviewing and responding to comments, you will begin to build rapport and trust with the visitors to your law firm website. In addition, you may gain awareness as to what your users are looking for and how your law firm can assist – this insight is invaluable.

Connecting People to Your Brand

As the world becomes more digital, personal interaction becomes more foreign. But a regularly updated blog that is part of your law firm’s website is an opportunity to portray the personality of your brand and legal practice and create a personal impression. The topics you write about will display your legal practice’s expertise, the accuracy of the information you share portrays your credibility, the value of the information you blog about reveals your professionalism and the frequency of fresh content on your blog represents your law firm’s genuine intent to share knowledge and engage with existing and potential customers. Essentially, your law firm blog is the persona of your legal practice.

Furthermore, having a blog as part of your law firm website provides the opportunity to link your blog posts to relevant pages within your website. Such linking gives users the opportunity to engage with your legal practice further should they want to learn more about your practice, thereby improving user experience.

Establishes Your Law Firm as an Industry Authority

No matter how small your law practice is, you can build trust and influence within the legal industry by providing expert information in your blog posts. As you continue to add fresh, informative content to your law firm blog, you will become a trusted source of useful, valuable information – which in turn builds user engagement and promotes business growth. Each time you post a blog, you create an opportunity for your content to go viral as your visitors share your blog post with others. Whether they share it via a tweet, Facebook or email it validates your law firm as a credible practice and once again inspires user engagement. Being considered an authority in your industry encourages visitors to return to your website when they are seeking legal advice. Repeat visitors tend to spend more time on your website, positively influencing your search engine rankings, and are more likely to engage with your legal practice when requiring the services you offer.

Drives Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

According to Hubspot B2C (business-to-consumer) companies, such as legal practices, benefit massively from increased traffic and business leads if they post frequently, when compared to those businesses that post infrequently.

Boosts Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines thrive on fresh content. So with every high quality blog you post you encourage search engines to crawl your law firm website, resulting in more indexed pages with a broader keyword range. A static law firm website may have the possibility of ranking for relevant terms e.g. ‘family law’, however it is very difficult to rank for multiple long-tail keywords without sacrificing the structure of your static website e.g. ‘how to gain sole custody of my child?’, ‘what taxes are paid on an inheritance?’ etc. This is where the benefits of a blog come to the fore. The more blog posts you create that are relevant to the questions your potential customers have, the greater the chances of ranking for long-tail keywords. The more indexed pages you have in search engines, the greater the probability of potential customers finding your law firm website, the more traffic you will drive to your website and the greater the user experience and engagement – all of which positively influences your search engine rankings.

Fresh content is also more likely to be timely or current, which improves the possibility for getting greater exposure in trending searches.

In addition, as you become an authority in the legal industry, not only will this drive traffic to your website from search engines, but also from others who have an interest in the industry e.g. journalists, other bloggers etc will start to link to your quality posts from their websites. These inbound links further improves your search engine rankings and drives referral traffic to your law firm website.

Business blogging is a cost-effective form of marketing and requires minimal effort, yet offers immense opportunity for search engine optimisation and building credibility, loyalty and user engagement – which ultimately results in business growth.

When creating content for your law firm blog always remember to publish posts that are well-written, have customer engagement in mind and speaks to their pain points. Business blogging is a long-term growth strategy, so whilst you may not notice an immediate impact on visitors to your law firm website, your continued efforts of posting fresh, relevant content will reap rewards for many years into the future.

If you need any help getting started or want to publish topical legal articles on a more regular basis Lift Legal helps many law firm clients all over the country regularly publish engaging legal articles on websites and in newsletters.

About the author
Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood

Peter Heazlewood is a management and marketing consultant, he specialises in helping law firms develop their practices using business planning marketing and performance reporting techniques refined in his own successful law firm. Peter lives in Sydney with his wife and is the father of five adult children.
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