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Branding for Law Firms


A critical part of any law firm’s marketing plan is branding. A brand encompasses more than just your logo, it comprises of tangible and intangible values which is vital to the overall success of the business. How a brand is perceived can drive new business or deter clients from contacting you.

Tangible vs intangible brand values

The tangible parts of your brand include the symbol, graphic or name that identifies your firm. It also includes important elements such as:

  • How your website presents – is it dated and unprofessional?
  • What does your premises look like? Is it organised, professional and clean?
  • How does your receptionist answer the phone?

These are all tangible values of your brand. Clients form an opinion about your brand based on their experience.

The intangible values include how you present yourself in the market. Are you:

  • Professional/sloppy
  • Ethical
  • Provide quality legal advice
  • An expert in your field
  • Are you invested in your clients?
  • Caring about your community
  • Provider of services at the lowest price
  • Risk taker
  • Is it ‘all about the money’?

The intangibles are often not easily seen, however is experienced, or felt by the client. For example, if your client feels you are an expert in your field, they may look at your brand as a trusted advisor, someone they can rely on and recommend to family and friends.

Brands create an impact

Law firms have less than 20 seconds to make an impact, so your brand should be clear, concise and easy to identify across all of your online and offline marketing

A brand can cause a client to take any one of the following actions:

  • Contact you.
  • Recommend you or
  • Contact your competitor.

According to Forbes, ‘consistent brand presentation across all your platforms increases revenue by up to 23%’. This means having your brand carefully aligned across all elements of your business is important. This includes your website and practice, through to the finer details such as stationery and e-signatures.


Consistency is key in branding. It is important to create a brand that will attract your ideal client. Both tangible and intangible values need to be considered when creating a brand.

Your brand is one of the key defining factors that will help clients decide whether to contact you or your competitors.

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