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Multidisciplinary Marketing



As the name suggests, multidisciplinary marketing specialises in multiple marketing strategies. This means marketing using various channels, rather than a single method. Most law firms fall into the trap of focusing just on one marketing activity or carrying out ‘random acts of marketing – such as an occasional newsletter, a Google ad, or a business Facebook account that is largely dormant. This adhoc marketing approach is not only costly but ineffective because it lacks consistency and regularity.

Using a Multidisciplinary Marketing Approach

Using a multidisciplinary marketing approach means your marketing strategy is more targeted and consistent, covering all objectives of marketing (from brand development, to lead generation).

Using different marketing strategies means potential clients will have multiple touchpoints from various channels. This grows brand awareness, establishes you as a subject matter expert and drives leads to your website.

Your best multidisciplinary marketing channels include targeting your audience through:

A multidisciplinary marketing approach means you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket and ensures your firm attracts maximum exposure across all the key fields.

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