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Top Tips for Using Calendly


What is Calendly?

If you’re a busy lawyer and can’t afford to have cancellations or rescheduled appointments in your diary, you need an online booking system such as Calendly to do all the upfront work for you. Calendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails or phone conversations with your receptionist. It’s simple, and user-friendly and can be linked to your website or social media for clients or colleagues to book directly into your diary.

Why Calendly?

As regular users of Calendly ourselves, we have some tips to share to help you manage your time better and streamline your schedule. There are many benefits of having an online booking system, these include:

• Increasing leads and conversions – clients can book an appointment directly from your website, social media or any other site you have your Calendly link available 24 hours, 7 days a week. They are not restricted to your firm’s opening hours and can book an appointment within your allocated time slots.

• Manage your schedule – Calendly enables you to efficiently manage last-minute meetings and set 15min buffer time between each meeting so you have more control over your schedule

• Integrations – Calendly integrates with over 70 different apps, including zoom (or your choice of a conferencing tool) and major CRMs. It means clients receive a calendar invitation immediately with the zoom link once they schedule in an appointment. No fuss, no human error or delays – just a click of a button and you have new leads to meet with.

Top tip 1

To utilise Calendly to its full potential, we recommend you implement the following strategies:

Integrate Calendly with your favourite tools and platforms.

This may include your website, social media platforms, directory listings and anywhere your law firm may be listed online. Ensure Calendly is integrated with these platforms to ensure clients or colleagues can access your Calendly link.

Top tip 2

Integrate Calendly with conferencing tools

This may include zoom, Google Meet or your preferred method of meeting clients or colleagues online. Ensure you connect these tools with Calendly so the meeting invitation automatically sends a link to the invitee

Top tip 3

Automate pre- and post-meeting communications with Workflows

This will ensure all your meetings run on time and there are fewer cancellations. Your invitees will receive a reminder text or email before the meeting and a post-meeting communication after the appointment has finished.

Top tip 4

Include a 15min buffer before and after each meeting

When your time is in demand, it’s easy to get overbooked. Before and after, adding a buffer to your event will allow you extra time to prepare for meetings and a little extra time at the end, just in case your meetings run over.

Top tip 5

Block out dates and times you are unavailable.

Blocking out days or dates you are unavailable means no one can book meetings in. It shows clients or colleagues your available times only.

That’s a Wrap

Calendly can be a valuable tool if it is set up properly and utilised across all your online channels. This system can streamline your diary, increase the number of new client bookings and minimise cancelations or reschedules.

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